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22-24 MAY 2015


Gorizia, 22-24 maggio 2015 | Europe is now celebrating the First World War Centenary. An occasion of paramount importance for its historical and cultural relevance, the Centenary will also have a meaningful tourism impact on the so-called “places of memory”. The landmarks of World War I – trenches and museums – attract more than 5 million visitors per year: a growing phenomenon which will be greatly enhance by the recovery works Governments will be implementing in the near future.
At a European level, tourism around the war areas is widely organized – in particular in France, the United Kingdom, Slovenia and Germany; whereas in Italy, such phenomenon still appears to be more spontaneous. The Centenary will offer the opportunity to push for the creation of itineraries, guided tours and publications.
Furthermore, the World War 1 is just a feature of a wider phenomenon – historical tourism in Italy and Europe – which involves an even greater number of visitors every year. This is why èStoria-International History Festival – the most important event in Italy dedicated to history – is the right occasion to host the European Fair of Historical Tourism and World War 1.

The 2nd Edition of the EU Fair Historical Tourism World War 1 took place in Gorizia on May 22-24, 2015. 

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