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17-19 APRIL 2015

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Padova, 17-19 April 2015 | The Galileo Innovation Festival is an international event taking place in a city – Padova – which has been at the forefront of innovation for centuries. Padova is the city of Galileo Galilei, it is located at the very heart of the Venice Region and it is home to one of the most ancient universities worldwide.

The Galileo Innovation Festival is the place where big, medium and small-sized entreprises meet with research centres and University: through the Festival, Padova aims at becoming a true innovation hub and at gathering major European and international actors in the field of innovation and technology transfer.

The 3rd Edition of the Galileo Innovation Festival took place in Padova on April 17-19, 2015. Director: Massimo Sideri | Chair of the Scientific Committee: Paolo Gubitta.

For further information on the event, visit www.galileofestival.it

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