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Academy Programme
FAQ / Terms & Conditions


The application process

What is the Academy Programme? The Academy Programme is an innovative training experience designed by Goodnet: our aim is to offer selected students the opportunity to join intensive training programs focusing on a variety of different fields of study: science and innovation, green economy and sustainability, economics and management, food science. Students will thus attend a 3-day program of talks, seminars, workshops and guided visits with renowned speakers (researchers, scientists, managers, entrepreneurs) and will join a network of international students.

The Academy Programme is open to European and international students enrolled in European universities. Our staff will support perspective candidates through every phase of the project: from their application to the final departure.

Who can apply? The Academy Programme is open to BA, MA and PhD students enrolled in European Universities. Recent graduates (max 12 months from the date of graduation) may also apply.

Do I have to pay a participation fee? The Academy Programme covers 50% of the participation fees. In order to join the Programme, selected students are required to pay a participation fee based on the program of interest. The Academy is a special training program promoted within our Festivals. No participation fee is required to attend individual events within the Festival calendar: interested people may register as member of the general audience. The Academy Programme does not cover travel expenses to/from the city of residence.

What are the selection criteria? Applicants are selected on the basis of: resume, course of study/research project, motivation letter.

What are the benefits for selected students? The participation fee also grants the following services:

  • Access to special sessions with selected speakers and reserved seats to all events
  • Full board accommodation (3-4 bed rooms) and payment of the tourist tax (single or double-room accommodation is available at an additional cost)
  • Bus transfers (if required to reach the hotel/event venue)
  • Social occasions

May I ask for a refund in case I cannot participate for personal reasons? In case of cancellation after the payment of the participation fee, we will refund:

  • 80% of the participation fee in case of cancellation 30 days before the expected date of arrival
  • 50% of the participation fee in case of cancellation 15 days before the expected date of arrival
  • 20% of the participation fee in case of cancellation 7 days before the expected date of arrival
  • No refund will be issued in case of cancellation in the last 7 days before the expected date of arrival

What happens if the Academy Programme is cancelled? Cancellation of the event by the organizer or the authorities for unpredictable events such as natural disasters (earthquake, flood, landslide, tsunami), extreme weather or pandemic fall within the scope of force majeure clause granting full refund of the participation fee.

May I ask my University to cover the participation fee on my behalf? Universities do not usually pay or refund the participation fees to join the Academy Programme. However, you may refer to the Head of your Department and/or the student administration office to check for any available funds. In any case, payment of the participation fee is required prior to the expected date of arrival (see deadline reported in the admission letter).


Arrival, departure and accommodation

What type of accommodation will be provided? Selected students will be assigned same-sex multiple rooms (3-4 beds per room) for 2 nights. Single and double rooms – as well as extra nights – may be required at an additional cost. For further information, please refer to academy@goodnet.it.

Can I choose my roommates? It is possible to choose who to share the room with: relevant first names/last names may be indicated in the confirmation form.

Food allergies and other special requirements? Applicants may specify food allergies and/or other requirements in the application form. Last-minute requests will not be taken into consideration.

Are travel costs included in the participation fee? No. Selected students will cover transportation costs to reach the hosting city. Refund requests may be addressed to the transportation company.


During the Academy Programme

How to access restaurants during my stay? The organization will provide meal vouchers to access selected restaurants.

Can I select the events (talks, seminars, workshops) to attend? In order to obtain the final certificate of participation, selected students need to attend 10-12 events – to be selected in a calendar of around 60 events – during the Academy Programme. Attendance will be checked by our staff prior to the beginning of each event.


Conclusion of the Academy Programme

When will I receive the certificate of participation? Final certificates of participation will be handed out before the student’s departure upon verification of the student’s overall attendance of the Academy Programme.


For further information

Contact us at internationalrelations@goodnet.it or call +390490991240 (whatsapp +393755239162). Office hours: 9 am-6 pm Monday-Friday.